Monday, June 25, 2018

Well then

- We got back in contact with an old investigator Oscar and we are teaching him again and he came to church. What a miracle. 
- We had an awesome YSA activity. It was a hog roast. We had 150 people there and 1 of our investigators came and brought his roommates whom we'll probably start teaching.
- I get to go to the Ft Collins temple this week. I'm looking forward to that.
- We were able to be guided to some cool people who are prepared and find them right before the Jehovah Wittneses did.

Take care!

The son of the living God

Monday, June 18th

- Sadly many of our appointments with people canceled or bailed out.
- But we found some people this week that are really prepared for the restored gospel and now we need to see if they'll accept it.
- We had zone conference and that was pretty good, aside from me conducting it and giving a departing testimony.
-  It was really hot last week, but it will be nice and cool this week. 😂

Take care!

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Heat of the Moment

- Tori, Rony, and Megan got baptized in Peoria ward.
- We just started teaching a bunch of people here in our wards. So that's pretty exciting.
- It's been really hot here. It'll probably hit 100 pretty soon.

Your favorite missionary,
Elder Wheelwright

Monday, June 4, 2018

Naked Chicken Chalupa

- On Saturday we decided to have 100 gospel conversations with people. So we went all day and skipped dinner (nobody signed up that day) and we got to 100 at 8:50pm and then we went to taco bell and ate naked chicken chalupas AND a member came in and paid for us. It was a good day. We had lots of good conversations and got many potential investigators and people who said we can come by again.
- Carolyn backed out again and said she wasn't ready. Oh well, we'll keep working with her.
- We had a Missionary Leadership Council (MLC) and we got a preview of five missionaries from our mission touring the mission putting on a musical performance called "Meet the Elders". It's pretty funny and really awesome. It's like a pre-show for the Book of Mormon musical that is coming to Denver this month.

Your favorite missionary,
Elder Wheelwright

Answers to some questions I asked Elder Wheelwright:

We are out in the country a lot, And that truck is our mission vehicle, and it's pretty nice.  We're in a trio for the whole transfer, and the zone leader thing is whatever.  It's not much different from what I was doing to before.

Double time now go!

Tuesday,   May 29th


- So my fate ended up being Brighton Stake. I'm serving in the Ft. Lupton ward and Northridge YSA branch. Ft. Lupton covers a handful of tiny towns spread out in the country, and the ysa covers 2 stakes.
- My companions are Elder Draper (Riverside CA) and Elder Charpentier (Austin TX). A trio. It's been pretty fun.
- We should be having someone baptized this saturday if all goes well. Carolyn is facing a lot of opposition so pray for her. 
- Happy Memorial day!

Have a fantastic week!

Brighton,  Colorado

Monday, May 21, 2018

Goodbye Peoria

- Tori and Roni will be baptized on June 9th.
- Megan will be baptized on June 2nd.
- Transfers are this week and we find out today. I'll be leaving Peoria and spending the last 6 weeks elsewhere as a zone leader.
- It rained a lot last week. 

Your favorite missionary,
Elder Wheelwright


pics from Pres Savage FB:

Mission Tour- South Zone conference