Tuesday, February 28, 2017

An alright week......

It's been an alright week. We had stake conference this past Sunday and that was really good. President and Sister Mendenhall spoke and it was good.  Sean came to both the adult session and the Sunday session.   He liked it. He kind of mentioned that he might be thinking about baptism. But I don't really know how that will work, when he doesn't even pray to God or read the scriptures. Reading the scriptures alone creeps him out, and he prays to the "Oracle" to get answers... so yeah.  He has many strange beliefs, but he knows that the church is good.
We got a golden investigator, but they would rather be taught by sisters... so we don't have them anymore.

I'm really tired and lazy right now.
Elder Wheelwright

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Whats "up dog"?

Hey all.
This past week has been pretty alright. We had an unusually deep and philosophical lesson with a guy at CU that we are teaching. We talked about his belief in God and we read Mormon 9 with him. This guy has a masters in some sort of science, and is now going to school to become a patent lawyer. He is a really cool guy. I think he would be baptized, if not for the fact that he is gay. He'll soon be going to Utah State for school. 
Right after we talked with him, we went to a bible study class on campus. There were 3 other people (all profs) there and we got bashed on by a guy David in the beginning, but we told him that we wouldn't come back if he kept bashing. At the end he apologized. That bible study was really in depth. We spent over an hour on the first chapter of Zechariah.
Sean came to church again and he thought it was good. By the way we were called up on Saturday by the bishopric to give a talk. Yeah. I talked on forgiveness and love, and E. Black talked about being a ward family.
Congrats to a certain married couple for getting married. 

Elder Wheelwright.
p.s. If you have sent me anything in the past three weeks let me know because I haven't gotten anything, and they changed up the way they are doing mail now so I'm not to sure about the mail now.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Satan's Radar Scrambler

Hello all. Sup.
There's not much to write today. I'm just getting used to the area.
There are a couple people in Louisville that we are working with. We are working with a guy named Sean. He's come to church for the past three Sundays. He's a little strange but he likes church.
On Thursday we helped a less active lady frost a whole bunch Valentine cookies for her side business. That was pretty fun.
The whole time I have been here, we have been lost. We don't have a GPS so we don't know where we are going. It's been tough. We don't really even have a map.
We are going to get things done in this area though.
Elder Black has been out for about 17 months. He is from South Carolina. He's pretty cool. It should be a fun next couple weeks.

Have a good week.

Elder Wheelwright

Monday, February 6, 2017

The next 7 weeks......

Just now I found out the transfer doctrine that will determine my next 7 weeks. It's going to be a seven week transfer because the mtc is pushing things back a week. So I am getting transferred... back to Boulder. I'll be in the Louisville ward now, instead of the Broomfield ward. What is funny, is that on Sunday my Broomfield ward mission leader came to my Southlands ward and turns out that he is moving there next month. The ol' switcheroo
Elder Hendrick is staying in Southlands. My new companion is an Elder Black. I think I've seen him around.

Lars has pretty much dropped off. He didn't come to church this past Sunday and he's saying some weird stuff. I hope it works out for him. 

I heard that the superbowl was pretty crazy. We were getting live text updates from one of the young men JC in the ward. JC is not baptized because his father won't let him until he's 16. On Friday we got JC to teach the law of chastity at one of the young men's 16th birthday part. It was hilarious and awesome and really good. He's an awesome young man and he turns 16 in about a month, so I hope things work for him.

Nobody would sign up to feed us on superbowl dinner (I even highlighted the day on the calendar we pass around.). So we made our own dinner. And it was delicious. We made a roast and slow cooked it all night and day. And we made two large racks of ribs which we slow cooked for 8 hours in delicious sauce. We may or may not have cooked the ribs in some hundred dollar rum that we may have acquired somewhere. I've been sworn to secrecy. Anyways...


Elder Wheelwright




Friday, February 3, 2017

Another text surprise

February 3, 2017

                                                              "This is happening now."

Good, strange and crazy

Lots of good and strange and crazy things happened this past week. 

The best thing that happened is that Lars came to church. And it just so happened that I gave a talk that Sunday on the Restoration. It was pretty cool. Lars is doing excellent and I hope it stays that way so that he can get baptized on February 18th. That has got us pretty excited. 

On Sunday night we witnessed a gang fight, and we were almost caught in the middle of it. I never would have expected a gang fight in this area. We assume it was a street racing gang. It's a really nice place and nice neighborhood. So after dinner that night we went to the park nearby to figure out what we were going to do next, and then about ten cars peel in around us (the park is a block park with roads on all sides). We decided to turn off our bike lights when we hear yelling and cars ramming into each other. We ran and hid behind a tree, laying on our stomachs so they don't see us. That was when we called 911 (but we didn't see them for about 2 hours). The gangs left so we rode went over to where they were to see if there was any broken car parts or anything. After we looked for a couple minutes (we didn't find anything) all the cars come peeling around the corner again. They were coming from different directions too, so we flew into the dark field in the park back to our savior tree. They didn't see us, but we were stuck back at the tree again. This time the gangs were going to brawl or something, and we just here someone say "everyone go pee before we fight" and they proceeded to pee on some trees near the road. Weirdest thing ever. Not much fighting if any happened and they were all gone within ten minutes. They kept driving by every one in a while and then we didn't see them anymore. We thought they were going to come back so we were waiting for them and the cops. It got to be about 9pm so we headed home and on the way we saw two cop cars on the prowl through the neighborhood. But we went home because we were freezing from sitting in a field all night with light clothing.

We were crossing/playing on a frozen river when Elder Hendrick's foot went through the ice and his foot got soaked. He was cold.

A dog chased/followed us as we left from knocking a door. It kept following us and we kept taking it back to the house but it would chase us as we rode away.

We found an abandoned kiddy pool that we are going to use as a sled. Elder Hendrick biked it over to an abandoned tunnel where we are storing it.

We got chased by some crazy party people because they liked our wheel lights. We had to book it up a big hill to get away from them. 

Thank you for all the emails! Have a nice day.

Elder Wheelwright