Monday, April 24, 2017

Another week

Good and bad things have happened. Like normal. The good things were good and the bad things were bad.
Earlier this week we went knocking doors and we found an awesome new investigator and he would be baptized in three weeks save for one or two large catch ups. I truly hope that as he comes to find the truth that those things can be changed.
Sean has been doing all right. This week we are going to help him stop smoking. Hopefully that will be a trigger to help him progress.
We went on an awesome hike last Monday which made us be late for everything, but it was awesome. We hiked the first and second flatirons (the left two). Colorado hikes are better than even Washington's.  It was cool. We all went as a zone.
There are some awesome members in this ward. I'll be sad when I leave.

Read        "How to Find Real Peace"       

Elder Wheelwright

Happy Easter!

Monday, April 17, 2017

Happy Easter yesterday!
I hope you all enjoyed it. We had a really good time. Church was amazing with a splendid musical program for sacrament meeting. And we played badminton after dinner with the family and their non-member friends, then we went over to another members house shared an Easter message with them and had cake. Pretty good day.
We were able to get Sean to church because we told him that there was a special things going on for easter, but that may have been the last time in a long while. He doesn't want to come to church anymore, but he still wants to meet with us and come to the book of mormon class that we teach. It is what it is.
Things are starting to warm up here. Winter is now gone, though I hear that it's still very possible that we will still get some snow again.
We had an awesome zone conference this past week where we talked a lot about the spirit. Always involve God in your life and seek his guidance through the spirit.

Elder Wheelwright

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

This week has been pretty good. #PrinceofPeace is in full effect and it is awesome. We got a new investigator yesterday and we showed them that video  and they said that that was what they really needed, and they we will be exploring and watching general conference. It is sweet.

We moved out of our member's house for a couple days because their daughter visited home, and we just moved back in yesterday. Today should be a chill day. We had a car fast on Tuesday, which means we don't use our car from 10:30a to 5:00p.   It just so happened that it snowed that day. 5 inches+.   Fun times.
Have a wonderful week.
Elder Wheelwright

Monday, April 3, 2017

Gen Con

God is Good. Life is good.
Watch General Conference. It is good.
We got Sean and Richard to watch it, and they both got something good out of it.
Things with Elder Siler are going good.

Gen Con
Elder Wheelwright