Monday, August 29, 2016

Transfers happened


This week transfers happened. My new companion Elder Hardman is from Washington. He lives in Eastern Washington in a tiny own called Warden. 15 minutes from Othello. He is into musical arts and musical theatre. He is 6ft 4in.

So we have this awesome guy we are teaching and preparing for baptism. His name is Armando. At first we had to hand him off to other missionaries because he lives in a different ward. But he will be moving elsewhere soon, so he just wanted us to continue teaching him. He is more golden than gold. He is just really amazing. He is on date for Sept 17th and he is looking forward to it. We met with him 3 times last week and had great lessons. We are seeing him again tonight at our ward mission leader's house. We introduced him and our ward mission leader and they really connect with each other because they both served in hardcore army stuff and know the struggles. 

In other news, ever since last Wednesday, I have been on bike. It has been really tough. At some point I don't think I had legs anymore. They took our car away because another missionaries car broke down and they needed it more than us. We were told we would get a car within 5 days of last Wednesday, so I hope that happens. I borrowed a bike from another elder, but now he needs it back because he is out of miles. 

That's about it this week.

Elder Wheelwright

Last pics with Elder Christensen

Monday, August 22, 2016


This week is transfers. I am staying in the Broomfield area for another six weeks. My companion, Elder Christensen is leaving however. My new companion's name is Elder Hardman. I haven't met him yet. That will happen on Wednesday. 

Me and my companion this week started to ban words from our language to clean up our language. We made a list of about 12-14 words and every time we said one we had to do 10 push ups. Well, that first day we both ended up doing over 500 push ups. That was fun. 

I may have told you about this before, but a couple weeks ago met with a guy named Mike Martin. He is not a member but his wife and children are. We met with him again yesterday. This guy is the physical form of Peter Griffin, from Family Guy. Not that I ever really watched that. But he looks sounds and acts like him pretty much. Last time we saw him he jokingly asked for a comic version of the Book of Mormon. We got him the picture children's Book of Mormon and brought it to him yesterday. He was very excited. 

Anyways, I'm sorry if I never said, but I'm in a car area. Though me and Elder Christensen were asking around if anyone had a tandem bike we could use. Sadly we never accomplished that goal. But I will make it happen at least once during my mission.

We have been meeting with a guy a named Joel. He was a former investigator from about 3-4 years ago. He is a very intelligent guy (55-65 yrs old) and he has really complicated beliefs. He doesn't believe that anything in the bible or book of Mormon ever happened. He doesn't believe in Jesus. He believes in God but that we can't comprehend God and so much more complex things. But we put him on a Baptismal even though he is pretty much super far away from that point. We are meeting with him tonight, so we will see how that goes. 

Nothing much else has gone on this week.   It gets pretty hot here. Up to around 95s-ish. a couple days ago there was a day when the high was like 75. That was pretty nice. There was a really big rain and thunder storm last week. It was pretty cool. I got a video of some lightning. 

Ah. A couple of days ago I hurt my knee doing I don't know what. But if it was any worse, I wouldn't have been able to walk. But thankfully its gotten better since then. I still can't fully bend it, but its probably fine. 

My mission President, President Mendenhall is from Idaho (either twin falls, or the byu town).

Have a nice week ladies and gents. Thanks for the emails.

Elder Wheelwright

Tuesday, August 16, 2016


This week was just another week. I don't remember if I told you, but last p-day we went over to one of our Ward Mission Leader's house and he taught us some self-defense before he fed us dinner. He did it all on us so that we would learn better. It hurt. He's awesome. 

We found a new investigator early this week and we met with her and had a good lesson. A day before our followup lesson, she text us and told us she didn't want to meet anymore. That was hard. She is very depressed right now because she has had a lot of death recently in her family. We taught her the plan of salvation, but I don't think it hit home for her. We won't give up on her. 

Yesterday after dinner, we were about to get in our car when someone came up to us to ask for directions. This guy was a little drunk and he didn't know how he got there. He was tubing over in Boulder, but he woke up in the middle of Broomfield open space (a giant field in broomfield) sitting in his tube. Nowhere near any sort of rivers and a 20-30min drive from Boulder. We taught this guy about the restoration and about the church. We had a member with us, and he drove this guy a couple towns over to where he lived.

Nothing else really has gone on this week. 

Elder Wheelwright

Wednesday, August 10, 2016


August 8 

This last week has been pretty busy, but not really with lessons. What with that hike we did, and then on Tuesday, I went on my first exchange w/ one of the ZLs Elder Olsen. He is one of the people in the tree in one of the pictures of the hike. That was a pretty interesting and new experience. I went over and stayed at the ZL's nice apartment (it has two bathrooms/showers) and has been furnished very nicely by a member Sister McDonald who is like a mom to all the missionaries. 

Wednesday we went to the temple which is like and hour and a half drive away. It was very nice and there were lots of missionaries from all over the mission there. Everybody likes to hang out in the Deseret Bookstore, and they made a rule that you can only be in the store for 20 minutes. 

On Thursday we had interviews with the President Mendenhall and his wife. They are both really awesome people, and I'm glad to have them.   Me and my companion later helped and investigator put together a swingset/slide thing for his little daughter. We don't know what to do with this investigator. He has told us that he knows the church is true, but he is not ready to give up tattoos yet. He doesn't want to get baptized because he plans on getting more tattoos and telling his life story on his arm. Its pretty ridiculous. 

Friday we did a bunch more service for the local community center. We helped clean up and move a bunch of stuff from school where they were held summer camp. 

Saturday we did a bunch more service. First for a food kitchen at a local Methodist church where we helped prepare some food that they will hand out in downtown Denver. Then we went over to a member's how and helped him gut his bathroom and take out the tile floor. We got to use a jackhammer-like tool. There are pictures. Nothing else too exciting has happened this past week.

D&C 33:8-9 This is my scripture for my plaque. The "Open your mouth" scripture

From Colorado,
Elder Wheelwright

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Week 3-ish

Hello again.
Thank you guys for the package. I will enjoy those goodies. That turtle is pretty cool looking and I didn't break amidst the journey. That's good. You went above and beyond with the rope. I haven't used it yet, but it looks hardcore. I don;t know what the package looked like when you shipped it, but when I got it, it was not a box anymore. The jerky bags super expanded and made the box not a box. 

I'll be back on the computer within the next 2 hours for another hour.

I'm back. I just got a haircut. Its super short and styled weird. 
Anyways, today was a zone p-day, so we all went on a hike. I'll put some pictures on the google drive. 
This past week has not been very good. Pretty much all of our investigators canceled appointments and ignored us or wouldn't/couldn't meet with us. And nobody ever comes to church except maybe one or two less actives we see. Though one of our investigators that fell off the world this whole week, came to sacrament meeting. That was kind of nice. Based on my companion, this is a hard area and he can get a little frustrated or impatient. I find that kind of amusing when he does. I'm just going to tell myself that I'm making a difference, because I probably am (I hope). Its really hard to see that a difference is being made when you're actually trying to make a difference and when you can't really see your work bearing fruit. I can only imagine how joyous it will be, to actually be able to teach someone who earnestly wants to learn. Enough of me complaining. We have some appointments with our investigators this week, so I hope it will work out this week. 
Every week, Wednesday morning, we go and help out a local food bank for an hour. It's called FISH. They get a shipment of all kinds of food in a giant truck and we just help unload it and put it away. That's pretty enjoyable. 

That's pretty much all I have to talk about this week. 

Elder Wheelwright

How often do you get to out at members homes?
If the dinner calendar is full, we eat dinner at a member's home every night.

By the way I just remembered that a member (Brother Allred) that fed us, his sister is married to a Lin Wheelwright (not correct first name spelling) I thought it was him, but I looked at a picture and I don't think it was. I think he lives in Santa Rosa. Weird coincidence or something.

My new haircut.