Saturday, July 30, 2016

That time of week again


My week has been pretty good. We had a more than average week and had some good lessons. There are two investigators in particular who have been investigating for a long time. One of them has been for 26 years, the has been for 8 years. They can be pretty frustrating because they just won't move. They both love the missionaries and loving meeting with them but its difficult trying to figure out what will give them that last push. 
Last Saturday we went and did service for the people that were effected by a wildfire in a place called Nederlands. Its way up in the mountains and forest. My group cleaned up fire retardant off of someone's deck and house. It was tough work, but the people were very nice and gave us donuts. 
That's pretty much everything of note this week I guess

Elder Wheelwright   

We received a note from Nathan this week, along with this picture - His arrival to Colorado (July 13th)

President and Sister Mendenhall and Elder Wheelwright

Monday, July 18, 2016


So I flew out of the MTC Wednesday morning. Got up at 2:30 for my flight at 8:15. it was a long day. I got to the mission home and met my companion Elder Christensen. Pretty cool guy. He's from Alberta Canada and he is going home next march or something. I'm in the Boulder Zone and am in the Broomfield 1st and 3rd wards. There are so many names and people thrown at me and I remembered like 5% of them. Or less.

So this mission doesn't have tablets or anything, so I can only see your emails and stuff every Monday about this time. I don't know much else to say so ask me stuff.

The package. You should send me a good jump rope. The music rules here are pretty lax, so I'll want you to send me some of mine. I don't think Travis is back home yet, but I want you, Travis, to go on mom's hard drive and find the music I just put on there. you'll probably have to load it up in a program called music bee. I want everything in the classical and instrumental playlists. I guess just put it on a flash drive (32gb or bigger). I'll sort through that music when I get it. Thank you.

That's it right now.

Thursday, July 7, 2016

MTC week 3

This is my last week here at the MTC. I'm kinda ready for it and kinda not. It's whatever. I got a haircut today and it looks pretty good. I'm not one to like short hair, but they did a good job. You guys said that people are always getting fat at the MTC but I think I'm managing well. I  haven't checked but I might have gained weight, but I've been working out and exercising a lot. We tend to do that a lot because Elder Heiner did wrestling and mma so he knows how to work out. Several times after 21:30 there have been matches between him and other people. Pretty hardcore. So my district has to be the most unique or something. We have three Zone Leaders (Elder Castillo, Cox, and Baldwin), two STL (Sisters Jemmet and Sheffet) Two online coordinators (Sisters Tankersley and Jenson), two sacrament coordinators (Elders Barker and Mix), Elder Heiner who is the District Leader. And me who has nothing to do. And yes we only have 11 people in our district now. An Elder left last week and I really respect him for doing so, and he is going to come back out in a year. Nothing else really going on here. And an FYI, since I have a tablet I can look at any emails you send to me during the week. Also tell Grandma Garlick thank you for the package. My district enjoyed it and I needed the chapstick 'cuz my lips hurt real bad.

Elder Wheelwright

Image result for napoleon dynamite 'cuz my lips hurt real bad

2nd week

Hi. I'm doing fine and I've gotten used to things at the mtc. It's too much for me, but I'm trying to absorb everything and then I'll be happy when I leave. I will miss my district so much though. They really great and only three others are going to Denver North as well. Everyone else I really hope we meet up again. 

As far as everything being really weird here, the mission president thing was over with on Monday so we have the normal cafeteria back and that building. Turns out that the vast majority of all general authorities were here at some point last week including 10 of the 12 apostles at once. Pretty crazy. I shared some pictures on google drive that you can look at. That's pretty much it.


Elder Wheelwright

Also my district has iPads and android tablets at the mtc.
It's pretty useful, but I have an iPad and would rather have an android tablet. Our district is what is called a Pilot district. We are pretty much the one district that they test things out on. Like tablets. We also have to tell our TRC people to take surveys and stuff like.. My companion Elder Heiner is the DL so I am his permanent senior companion while we are at the MTC.

MTC - 3rd day

Things are real busy over here. A lot of stuff thrown at me, but I'm alive and doing good. Its been like 90 degrees everyday here and we are forced to wear the full suit and jacket because there is a mission president training/meeting here so lots of things are closed including the main cafeteria. Also the temple will be closed for cleaning the entire time I am here. They might not even let us do temple walks. I love my district and all the elders in my room. We get along great. That's about it. 

Bye. Love You

Elder Wheelwright

The day has come...

June 22, 2016
Headed to the Seattle airport.  MTC here he comes!

Mission Call Came

May 16th, 2016

He leaves June 22, 2016