Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Week 6 coming again

Transfers are coming up yet again. I find out next Monday.
This week was less busy than last week, but we got more missionary work in. I went on exchanges with Elder Wohlrab (DL) in my area. So I led everything that day. It wasn't difficult. It was kind of refreshing. 
Last Monday we was zone pday so we got together for lunch and had a BBQ and played sand volleyball. That was pretty fun, but I got a bad blister on my foot. 
We found a new investigator last week. We were contacting a potential investigator and they didn't answer, so we were about to drive away but we went to the house next door and we knocked. The guy is a 55 year old retired Russian physicist. He has studied religion a lot and he is interested in having discussions, but he probably doesn't have much potential. His two room/house-mates have some potential. They are very nice as well, but they had to leave for work when we were there. Perhaps in the future. 
On Saturday we were able to contact a less active who was baptized 7 years ago. She is really good and she just had life changes and she stopped going to church. She is the best less active I have seen. She has lots of potential for coming back, plus her husband is a non-member. PMF for the win. We will see. And her cat loved me and was all over me.
Yesterday we contacted another less-active and that was a pretty sad experience. He is in his forties, he served a mission, he was a bishop, he had lots of stake callings. The only reason he hasn't removed his records is because he wants to respect his father. He respects and knows what being a missionary is like (he said it was the best two years of his life). That was the only reason he let us in. He is a Vice President for a company that manages more than half of the world's IP networks and internet traffic. 
In happier (?) news, me and my companion are the "moms" of the district. We got the van and we bake/bring the missionaries treats. Interesting.
We are finally meeting with Robb, that investigator who dropped us a while back. We have an appointment with him at 1 o'clock. 
I'm also very excited to play tennis right after that. I have been trying to play for months, but finally I found a member who can play with us. Pretty fun.
That's all this weeks folks

Elder Wheelwright

Monday, September 19, 2016

Broomfield Days

It has been a crazy busy week, but not in really in a missionary way. On Tuesday we moved into another member's home, The Macabe family. Super nice couple. She is actually the daughter of the member we were living with before. The house is really nice as well. 
Wednesday we had Zone meeting that went over-time and took much of the day (and the ZLs forgot about us and left us at the stake center with no car. They came back and got us later). Friday and Saturday was crazy busy because of this fair or festival called Broomfield days. We did lots of service for it. We helped a lot with the Classic Car Show, with making the lines for the parking slots and then directing and helping people park. Friday was all the prep work, then Saturday was the actual event. It was pretty fun and interesting. There were about 250 cars there. Immediately after we were done helping with that, we went and manned a recycling station for 2 hours. It was at that point the APs tried to fool/surprise us by finally getting us a vehicle. We finally got our mom van. I'm the designated driver for it. Its so nice having a car.
 Also I ate stuffed moose heart for dinner the other night. It was edible. Weird texture.
Armando is still going strong. We are now teaching him the recent convert lessons and he is still awesome. He will be moving soon though. He will be moving to a place not to far away, and still in the mission, so I could still see him again. Plus when he gets sealed in the temple next year, I will be able to attend that.
Nothing really much else going on. We've been trying to get a hold of some people, but no luck. 
Oh, and I crashed in my bike. I was carrying my suit and shoes over my shoulder with only my left hand on the handlebar. My companion stopped at a crosswalk and because the left side of the handlebars have the front brakes, things didn't go to well and I ran into him. I landed perfectly and nothing really happened except to my hand. My index and middle finger got beat up on the second knuckle, and my index finger was a bit swollen. Everything is fine, but it hurts and it will take a while to heal because it is right on my knuckles. 

That's about it for this week. 

Elder Wheelwright

Tuesday, September 13, 2016


It has been a fairly busy week. Thursday, I had Zone Conference. It went from 9am-4pm. It was pretty long. They give out awards for the cleanest cars, and all the bikers get awards. So I got a candy bar and a water bottle. It's funny because I was actually at the bike store when the Senior missionary couple came and bought the water bottles. (I had popped Elder Hardman's front tire).
And on Saturday Armando's baptism happened. It was my first convert baptism. Since they are moving, we were able to get some representatives from the ward he is moving into there. Those missionaries also were able to come.
On Sunday there was a Special Stake Conference. Only the stake that I am serving in got to come. We were able to hear from Elder D. Todd Christofferson. The whole front row was reserved for us missionaries. It was very close. I sat nearly directly in front of him, 2-3 arm lengths away. What I got from it, is that the simple things matter greatly. He talked a bit specifically about keeping the Sabbath day holy. If you were to keep this commandment perfectly, how much stronger in the gospel you would be. If all members of the church kept this commandment perfectly, how much greater would the Kingdom of God on the Earth be? It's a wonderful thought that can be applied to all the commandments and teachings of God. It's how you build your river of faith. With raindrops and snowflakes.

We were also able to set up an appointment with an investigator that dropped us last transfer. He was able to make it up to the temple open house before it closed. I'm excited to talk with him about it. That's about it for this week. 

Elder Wheelwright

Wednesday, September 7, 2016


Hello all,

As you guys have guessed, Monday was Labor Day and the Libraries are closed, so I get to email today. 

I'm really excited for Armando. We actually moved his baptism up to September 10th. Fun stuff. We celebrated his birthday before our lesson with him last Friday. We went all the way across town and bought him a big Gummy Bears and balloons. We are still on bike by the way. I had the half dozen balloons tied to by bag as we rode across town. There is a picture. Armando's wife made a cake and Brazilian hot dogs. Those were the best hot dogs I've ever had. We then had a lesson, and after that he passed his baptismal interview. Exciting stuff. 
So we are still on bike. The car that was in the shop is expected to be there for another 2 weeks. I'm still borrowing Elder Wohlrab's bike (he had to walk a whole day last week). I'm fixing up his bike secretly in thanks. 
The work here is real slow, but in the past couple days we have been working on our vision of what we can accomplish. We are going to be working with the members a lot from now on. Let me tell you right now. Member missionary work is by far best missionary work that can take place. How missionary work is supposed to be is the members find people, and full-time missionaries teach them. This is said in Preach my Gospel. So I would encourage you guys to keep that in mind, to keep the establishing the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth in the most effective way possible. If you are already trying, try harder. And to those who are not, I call you to repentance. jk.... but seriously, be a missionary. 1. It is your duty as a member of the church. 2. It brings great blessings.

Nothing else too exciting has happened this week. Thanks for the prayers and the emails.

Love Y'all,
Elder Wheelwright