Monday, July 10, 2017

Crazy crazy crazy

This place is cray. We are teaching so much we barely have time to go finding. It's pretty awesome. 

Connor is an cool guy who is so deep in alcohol, but he is trying to get out. Today, I think he is 35 days sober. His record is 42 days, and he is super scared right now that he'll relapse, but we are trying to help him. If he can make it to 50 days we will baptize him. 

Dale is a crazy guy who believes in energy. He can channel his energy and "spirit punch" people. Yeah. He's weird, but he'll get there eventually.

John is an awesome guy that has been taught for a while. He is a hardcore catholic that is super interested in the apostasy. He is just having a hard time getting an answer to the Book of Mormon. We think he might be afraid to.  We are taking our new Mission President Savage to our lesson with him on Wednesday. 
Chris and Ashley are still super amazing.  They are set on getting baptized on July 22nd.  They just absorb everything we teach them. They are awesome. We actually met with them three times this past week.

By the way we met our mission president and his wife last week. They are pretty awesome. I'm excited to see whats happens with them. We are having a Zone Conference this week, and they are probably going to change up some things.

Have a Wonderful Week!
Elder Wheelwright

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