Wednesday, July 5, 2017


Monday, July 3rd 2017 

This week has been a pretty awesome week. It was the first full week here in this area so I was able to get a better feel of how this area is. And it's pretty awesome. There is way more teaching to be done here than any of my past areas, so it's a lot of fun. We got that awesome golden family on baptismal date for 19th, but now we have to push it back because they didn't come to church. They just felt prompted to go into the church building and they loved the feeling there and all the friendship. They are so awesome. We also taught a guy named Sherman and he has an awesome relationship to God and he realized when we taught the restoration that he has never asked God which church is correct. He downloaded gospel library and now he will listen to the book of Mormon because it has really caught his attention. We are pretty excited to meet with him again on Friday. Sadly, we have to put our car into the shop on Wednesday. And we have a busy week ahead of us. 

Since Elder Melchin is the district leader I have to go on a bunch of exchanges with the people in the district. So last Thursday I went to the City Park ward and was with two other elders (because they are a trio). City park is crazy. That is just straight up downtown Denver. They don't have a car, so we used the buses, trams, and light-rails all day to get around. It was a crazy day.

Yesterday we talked to some crazy people who believed in the "Mandela effect" where history is changing because of crazy science experiments dealing with time travel.... yeah. But crazy people are a part of Denver.

Elder Wheelwright

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