Monday, July 17, 2017

Miracles everywhere!

This last week was another amazing week. We taught Chris and Ashly a couple more times and they passed their baptismal interview. One of our zone leaders interviewed Chris in the elevator of their complex (they just kept going up and down the 4 floors and we were cracking up watching them). They are good to go for this Saturday. I'll be baptizing Ashly and Elder Melchin will baptize Chris, and we'll switch for the confirmation.

Another miracle that happened this week was that we met this guy Jackie who investigated the church a year ago, but we started teaching him and he is going to get baptized on the 29th!! He said he already knows that the Book of Mormon is true. He has been prepared for us by the Lord through an awesome member in the next stake over. Blessed day.

This week has been crazy packed with appointments like last week

We went and saw the biggest graveyard ever in our area today and this massive mausoleum with over 16k dead people inside. Crazy Huge.

President and Sister Savage are savage. We are super intense and awesome as we saw in Zone Conference this past week. I like them and I look forward to getting to know them real well.

Have a Blessed Week, and see Miracles,
Elder Wheelwright


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