Monday, July 31, 2017

New transfer!

Hello World.

We have a new transfer coming up, and we are so excited. We and our good friends in U-Hills (the next ward over) are all staying put here in Denver.We are so happy about that. Pretty much everything else in the mission changed except us. President Savage has changed so much stuff. So many areas got combined. And what used to be 11 zones is now 7 zones. 
This next transfer for us is going to be so good. We've got  a couple people lined up to be baptized in the next 6 weeks. Jackie didn't get baptized, but will be baptized hopefully on the 12th.

This week we had a crazy gospel miracle. There is this guy that would always be super rude to us (slam the door, throw the Book of Mormon out the 2-story window, lie to us, spout anti, etc.) but he came to church (with the persistence of a recent convert) and he loved it and is now meeting with us, and we can easily see him getting baptized now. This is the biggest change I've ever seen the gospel make in someones life. It's really crazy awesome.

Chris and Ashly Grahl are so amazing. I can't even describe how amazing they are. They just KNOW that God is going to take care of them. And Chris already signed up to come with us to our lessons. Really awesome.

People are out there that are waiting/looking for the gospel. Go find them!

Elder Wheelwright

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